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SSD, The Future is Now!

Computers these days have lots of memory, fast CPUs and big hard drives. In almost every way, they are better than computers from five years ago. The problem is that when you use them, they feel like the same old … Continue reading

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5 reasons to take that government cyber security job

Mike Subelsky had a great list of reasons you might not want to take a government cybersecurity job, I followed up with a few additions. It got me thinking that it wasn’t all bad, there are actually reasons that someone … Continue reading

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Todo.txt, a command line todo list

Todo.txt is a shell based todo list manager. It reads and writes to text files, which makes it portable and easy to edit with other tools. I run a copy on my Mac, but you can run it anywhere you … Continue reading

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The Cybermen are coming!

In a recent AP article, a researcher describes a hypothetical scenario where given $100 million dollars he could build a cyber army in two years. Link here. I found this interesting because the tone of the article suggested that cyber … Continue reading

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How to build a covert network with OpenVPN

There are many uses for a covert network, for this hypothetical scenario we are corporate spies and we need to exfiltrate data from our assets inside the target corporations network. I don’t think the concepts here are new, but I … Continue reading

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