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How to install DJB’s dnscache on Ubuntu 10.10

I recently attempted to install DJB’s dnscache from packages on Ubuntu 10.10. It seemed to be a bit broken and I wasn’t interested in installing from source. This is a quick set of steps to get it running.

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To Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Apologies all around. haha Inspiration:

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Create a bootable usb stick from an ISO with OSX

It’s pretty easy to create a bootable usb stick with Snow Leopard. For example, I’m creating a bootable Ubuntu 10.10 server usb stick. Plug your usb stick in and use diskutil to list your disks: $ diskutil list

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Wikileaks wack-a-mole, cyberwar first steps

I read that the Pentagon was looking into ways to take down Wikileaks, but ultimately decided to do nothing. There was talk of Cyber Command getting involved and this got me wondering if those in charge realize what they are … Continue reading

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