Open letter to Sprint

I’m a T-Mobile customer. I’m distraught that ATT is on track to purchase the company. In a word, ATT sucks. If the deal happens, I will be leaving T-Mobile. There is no question, I will be looking for another carrier. So, Sprint, here’s your chance. I’m not the only T-mobile customer that feels this way. You have an opportunity to grab some customers, but there are some things you need to do.

Want my business? Do these things:

Become the provider with the largest selection of Android phones.
Hell, make yourself open to any Android phone. Do you care what handset people use or do you care that they are a paying customer? All carriers want to put apps and limitations on my phone. I don’t want photobucket or Facebook on my phone. I want to pick and choose the applications that get installed. Don’t try to force your will on customers. Can you install some apps on my phone to get me started? Sure, make some deals to help offset the cost of my phone, but allow me to remove those apps if I see fit. Open is the future.

Embrace the Android Community.
There are thousands of Android Developers, make them think of Sprint as *THE* Android provider. Let them guide you with rock solid phones that have tons of features. Make the Cyanogenmod firmware YOUR base install. Let them do whatever they want to Sprint Android phones. In return, you get a firmware that is backed by lots of developers. The community gets phones with features no other provider has and in some cases, actively removes from their phones.

Don’t forget about tablets.
I’m one of those people that doesn’t have a tablet. If you embrace Android and have a good selection, Sprint might be the place I finally buy one. When someone says Android tablet, they should think of Sprint.

Be Honest.
CEO Dan Hesse seems to be doing this already. Don’t stop. People will pay more if they use more bandwidth, but don’t lie to them.

Be innovative.
T-Mobile is the only operator that has WiFi calling. Go figure this out and make it happen. Phones aren’t for just phone calls anymore, with WiFi, suddenly the Sprint network is everywhere.

Don’t lock me into doing everything with Sprint.
If you are my cell phone provider, don’t try to wring every cent out of me with crappy addons. This is a step in the right direction:

It’s time for a wireless provider that doesn’t suck. It’s time for a wireless provider that let’s the customers participate. Don’t let this opportunity escape, seize it. Make me want to use Sprint.

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